Friends of the Olympia Library

Our mission: To support, promote, and augment the operations of the Olympia Timberland Library.

Building Fund

We need a new library in Olympia.

Our current library is too small and too outdated for our needs. We knew that almost 20 years ago when a majority of voters approved a plan for a new library in Olympia. Unfortunately, approval from more than 60 percent of voters was needed, and the plan for a new library was shelved, so to speak.

Since then more people have moved into the Olympia area and our library is now the second most crowded in the five county Timberland Library system. It is the oldest library building in Thurston County.

The Friends of the Olympia Library want to jump-start the process of getting a new library built. You can help out by donating to our building fund. While we know we won’t likely be able to raise the millions needed for a new library, we want to do everything we can.

All of the money in this building fund will go directly to building a new library in Olympia.

You can donate to the building fund by writing a check to the friends with “Olympia Building Fund” in the memo line. Please mail all donations to:

313 E. 8TH AVE.